Tax Intelligence (TAX-I).
Legal research reinvented.

Revolutionalize the way you work by using TAX-I, our A.I.-powered research tool that provides insights into legal documents through network visualizations, automatically generated summaries, guided search engines, statistical analytics and deep learning.

Focus on what matters!

Legal research takes time. TAX-I contains the tools that allow you to get to the heart of what matters. Intuitively. Efficiently. Accurately.

Legal Analytics

Deepen understanding in trends, geography and distribution of legal information and gain valueable insights on Judges, Advocate Generals and Parties through our analytics engine.

Relational Network Visualisations

Find your way through the maze of legal references in and between casees and see connections like never before.

Dynamic Database

Our database retrieves information from various legal sources on a daily basis and updates accordingly.

Search Engine

Our state of the art search engine allows you to quickly and intiuitivly navigate through legislation and case law.

Research Assistant

Powered by deep learning models, this virtual assistant analyses your case, provides you with relevant legal context and can even provide an indication of your case outcome.

Automated Summarization

To speed up your legal research, our algorithms provide you with content indication of cases through automatically generated case summaries
A wealth of knowledge. Ever expanding.
TAX-I knows EU legislation and case law, but learns every day. Over the coming months, TAX-I will grow to understand national legislation for EU countries and the United States. Sign up to stay up to date.

Take your tax advisory business to the next level using our platform.

Intuitive Dashboard

Extensive Database

Accurate Predictions

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Feature Roadmap.

See the plans on development for the near future


In-country references

For ECJ, UK and Dutch cases the references within that specific legislation will be made.

Intra-country references

As a first in its kind, TAX-I will visualize the references made between countries.

Prediction module improvements

With the fast growing number of cases in the database, TAXI is able to leverage a bigger stack of training data. This new prediction module will be published in the of end of August.

Translations module

With the introduction of multi-lingual data, TAX-I can seen logic between those languages. We have converted this in to a legal translation tool which soon will be available for everyone!

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